Epic Sunset Desert Adventure Session | Great Sand Dunes, CO

Epic Sunset Desert Adventure Session | Great Sand Dunes National Park | Mosca, CO

July 11, 2020

OH. MY. GOSH. YOU GUYS. I’M DEEEAAADDDD. This was the most epic, desert, sunset, adventure session of all time.

I had planned this shoot with another couple but unfortunately they ended up not being able to make it and backed out a week or so prior. We had already gone through the process of getting a permit and everything for this so I really didn’t want to just not use it!! I posted in the Weddings & Wanderlust Facebook Group desperately searching for another couple who’d be willing to model for me when the freakin’ angels that are Jaylyn and Aaron reached out to me and said they’d do it!! Luckily they like to camp every year at the Great Sand Dunes and the timing just so coincided with the time that they usually go. It’s like it was meant to be!!

On the day of the shoot, we met Aaron, Jaylyn, their lil pupper, and a few of their friends at the sand dunes and immediately trekked out into the sand. It was unreal. I’ve never seen anything so amazing in my life! It literally looks like the Sahara Desert dropped right in the middle of the mountains!! However, it was SO WINDY!!! It was almost painful at some points though, it felt like the sand was a bunch of little needles on your legs. It was also all in our camera equipment and eyes! But Jaylyn and Aaron didn’t let that stop them. They were incredible together, and so very passionate. You could feel their love for each other through the way they played and interacted with each other. It was the sweetest thing ever.

I’m so over the moon that Jaylyn found my post and was available to shoot with me at the Sand Dunes! It was an experience we won’t soon forget. epic sunset desert adventure session

Jaylyn’s Bouquet: HBotanics

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