Dreamy Sunrise Bridal Session | Dead Horse Point | Moab, UT

Dreamy Sunrise Bridal Session | Dead Horse Point | Moab, UT

July 7, 2020

AHHHH this is one of my favorite sessions to date!! This amazing bridal session took place at sunrise in Moab, UT at Dead Horse Point State Park.

Ali and Bryce are my sweet couple whose intimate wedding I got to photograph just a week before we made the trip to Moab with them to shoot their bridals at Dead Horse Point State Park! Originally, they were supposed to have an engagement session here in Iowa, but unfortunately COVID began wreaking havoc right around the time we were supposed to schedule something, so we had to reevaluate. SO, about a month or so out from their wedding Ali shot me an email about how they were planning on honeymooning out in Moab so they could go 4-wheeling, and wondered if we wanted to tag along to get some photos of them in their wedding attire. I swear y’all, I just about peed myself out of excitement, and Moab has been on my bucket list FOR.EV.ER. I audibly shouted yes and scared the poop out of Casey in the other room because I was so over the moon!


The Sunday following the week of their wedding we packed up our car and took off on the 16 hour drive (yeesh.) We ended up staying with Ali and Bryce in their cute little AirBnb vacation house for the night and got up a fricken 3:45am the following morning to drive out to Dead Horse Point State Park before sunrise! None of us had never been there before so on our drive up we kept going through what just looked like Iowa prairie, except desert. No sign of any sort of overlook or anything, and it didn’t even really feel like we were driving up. I absolutely panicked! I thought I had led everyone astray and that maybe I should have picked somewhere else! However, just as the sun began to peek over the canyon, we turned a corner and there was the most jaw dropping, brilliant landscape I’d ever seen in my life.

DEAD HORSE POINT STATE PARK NEEDS TO BE ON EVERYONE’S BUCKET LIST. It was dead silent at the top, you could almost hear your heartbeat. We spent about an hour exploring the top of the overlook and just basking in the views, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. We are so so SO grateful that Ali and Bryce asked us to come with them on this amazing honeymoon of theirs, I hope to be back in Moab soon! sunrise bridal session in moab

Ali’s (AMAZING) Wedding Dress: Morilee

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