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Colorado Swimming Hole Adventure Session | Guffey, CO

July 9, 2020

A beautiful, sunshine-filled, summer adventure session at a swimming hole in Paradise Cove, Guffey Gorge, Colorado with Sheila and Kevin!! Woohoo!!

Sheila and Kevin tied the knot with just the two of them due to the fact that they weren’t able to travel back to Kevin’s home in Ireland. (Thanks COVID.) So when I was contacted by a friend of theirs about doing a session with them to commemorate their new marriage I jumped at the opportunity!! I knew I wanted somewhere with a swimming hole because I’ve always thought that’s a super cute idea! I literally Googled “swimming holes in Colorado” and this is the first one to pop up so we went for it!

Little did I know (and I should have known) that this was a fricken POOOOOPULAR place. I figured if it was on a Thursday evening during a pandemic it wouldn’t be too crazy, right? WRONG. The place was chock full of high school kids!! Lol the hike to get down to Paradise Cove itself where the swimming hole is is brutal as well! We had all of our heavy camera gear and we’re scaling down a dangerous rocky cliff with no real clear path (facepalm). But, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do for those amazing shots! We successfully made it down to the bottom with no injuries, thank God, and worked our way around the highschoolers for an incredibly fun and laughter filled session with these two cuties.

Unfortunately the swimming hole thing didn’t last too long because the rocks are super sharp and the water’s really cold (they still rocked it though!) Also – it’s a super popular cliff diving hotspot so there were constantly people jumping in from above, which was super cool to see!!

All in all, the session turned out amazing. I absolutely adore these two and hope they have the most amazing celebration in Ireland next year! <3 colorado swimming hole adventure session


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