Adventurous Hiking Honeys | Mount Falcon Park, CO

Adventurous Mount Falcon Hiking Honeys | Mount Falcon Park | Morrison, CO

July 12, 2020

OMG look at these adventurous hiking honeys being all cute at Mount Falcon!! Rachel and Michael are the cutest!!! They met up with us at Mount Falcon Park to hike through the grasslands and capture the sweetest photos. They even brought their hiking gear!! (#chacosnation, pls sponsor me!) We managed to time it so we finished up right before the afternoon mountain storm kicked in. They were such troopers for sitting in the prickly grass! Plus we’re all really lucky that nobody stepped/sat on any of the little cacti that were everywhere!! Once we finished up we headed over to Red Rocks Park to capture them poppin’ that bubbly because we always love incorporating that into our shoots, we’re super extra lolllll. BUT anyways, I love these two, they were so sweet and willing to go the distance the whole shoot. I hope to work with them again someday!! <3

adventurous mount falcon hiking honeys

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